Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Freshberry Froyo vs. Baskin Robbins

Over the winter break, a new frozen yogurt shop opened on campus.  Steven and I checked out Frozen berry tonight on our way back from Maria Zuber's lecture about Mars.  The lecture was excellent, but the frozen yogurt was underwhelming.

They've got a huge number of toppings; 15 or so different dry toppings, which surprisingly includes Fruity Pebbles (my favorite cereal that I haven never seen for sale here in SA) and about 12 different wet toppings (mostly fresh fruits).

The prices though, are somewhat underwhelming.  The smallest froyo is 16 SAR ($4.25) with 2 toppings or 10 SAR ($2.66) with no toppings.  This seems to be similar to the Baskin Robbins (the ice cream shop on campus) regular size, which is 14 SAR ($3.75).  The largest size is 24 SAR a whopping $6.40 and is hugely over sized.  It's hard to believe the claim that froyo is part of a healthy lifestyle, when the servings are so large.  Sure, it might be fewer calories than ice cream, but it's a big stretch to call it healthy.

Sadly, the flavor was pretty bland.  I got vanilla froyo with Oreo and Reese Pieces toppings.  Steve got strawberry froyo with white chocolate and raspberry toppings.  The one redeeming quality was the decor.  It was super cute, colorful, and modern.  I'll probably go back just to take pictures, and the light fixtures were so fun!

One of the main reasons I wanted to try it is because I was hoping it would surpass Baskin Robbins as our go to treat location.  The ice cream is tasty and delicious, but they refuse to post an English menu, and have recently increased prices.  The primary excuse for the menu was a basic, duh it's Saudi Arabia from the guy working, but somehow, despite this fact every other dining or shopping establishment on campus has managed to put up English signs.

Sadly, froyo won't overtake Baskin Robbins as our go to treat location, but I'm not convinced that Baskin Robbins is worth returning to either.

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