Friday, January 14, 2011

Piglet Started Bailing or More Rain in Saudi

Well, it's been raining again.  Last time it rained, it did storm, but didn't really last more than a half hour or so.  This time, however, it's been raining off and on (mostly on) for hours now.  And it's been absolutely pouring for the last hour or more.

The street outside our apartment is flooded to the mid-calf, and a lot of the sidewalks are ankle deep or more.  The exterior stairs have become mini waterfalls, which look really cool! Unfortunately, there's also a lot of soil erosion from all the rain.

This would all be good fun and games, if the water decided to stay outside, like the last time, but nope, we've got three leaks so far!  We've got two upper windows leaking, the bottom of a window in our living room leaking, and a small leak over the stove.

Here's a couple pictures and videos of the rain in our apartment and outside.

Water dripping into our window sill, unfortunately they're too far off the ground to be able to reach.  We managed to toss a towel into one of them, but don't have enough towels to handle all of the water.

Water on the floor.  It's hard to see, but there's water on both of the tiles in front of the window.

While the damage to our stuff is non existant, and most of the damage to campus will be fixed in the next few days, Jeddah will unfortunately take a bigger hit with all of this rain.  Let's hope everyone there is safe.


  1. I guess it's viewed as a cost-saving measure in desert environments to simply not prepare for the possibility of rain.

    I remember living in Tucson for a few months, and it only rained once. It wreaked havoc, though, and maybe half of the streets were flooded. A number of streets that crossed normally dry arroyos were under feet of water. Kids were playing in the muddy floodwater. Must not be worth it to build bridges when it's dry 364 days a year.

    Still, it does rain once in a while, you'd think people would be a bit more prepared...

  2. Well the leaking we're having really wasn't because of a cost saving measure, it was more of an under trained poor construction team slapping together our houses.

    It's rained at least 3 times that I know of here on campus, and 2 of those have caused large build ups of water. So maybe they should have prepared more?